HighPoint Mobile Campus Solutions is a dynamic and feature-rich application offering institutions a turnkey mobile solution, optimized for smartphones, tablets, and network devices.

HighPoint Mobile provides a lightweight, fast, and easy way to navigate PeopleSoft Campus Solution's main student, faculty and advisor features using any Wi-Fi enabled device. It has been optimized to provide the functionality students, faculty, and constituents need at their fingertips. The mobile application is flexible and can be easily configured and connected to many other third-party providers to allow users to stay connected to your institution. And importantly, HighPoint Mobile is an OVI-certified (Oracle Validated Integration) application.

Currently, there are millions of students, staff, alumni, prospects, guests and others who use HighPoint Mobile Campus Solutions as their portal into Oracle PeopleSoft Campus Solutions at more than 125 academic institutions around the world.

HighPoint Mobile enables users to:

  • Campus Map
  • View Course Catalog
  • Class Search
  • Configurable public springboard
  • Public Features (Parking, News, RSS feeds, etc.)
  • Mobile Integration Framework
  • Calendar Integration with iCal and Google
  • Directory
  • Guest Login Customization
  • Student Lookup
  • View Class Roster
  • Manage Grade Roster
  • Enter Grades
  • View Exam Schedule
  • View Teaching Schedule with Campus Map Lookup
  • View Advisee Roster
  • Add/Update Addresses, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses and Emergency Contacts
  • View/Update Profile Photo
  • Change Password
  • Use Two-Factor Authentication
  • Set a Starting Page
  • Manage Dashboard
  • Notification Framework (Includes 9 Notifications and Tools to Build More)
  • View Admissions Application Status
  • Accept/Decline Admissions Applications
  • View Financial Aid Summary and Estimated Financial Aid Budget
  • View and Accept/Decline Financial Aid
  • Report Other Aid
  • View Student Financials Account
  • View Class Schedule with Campus Map Lookup
  • View Course Catalog
  • View Grades
  • View To Dos
  • View Holds
  • Manage My Planner
  • Manage Shopping Cart
  • Enroll in Classes
  • Swap Classes
  • Edit Enrolled Classes
  • Drop Classes
  • Framework for Social Sharing of Course Information
  • View Exam Schedule
  • View Advisor Information
  • View Wait List Classes
  • View Programs
  • View Degree Progress
  • Request What-If
  • View Friends’ Class Schedule
  • Facebook, Google, Twitter Integration with Courses
  • Payment Integration for Student Financials, Admissions, Student Records
  • View Unofficial Transcript
  • Purchase/Rent Course Materials Integration
  • Add Class Permissions
  • View Enrollment and Shopping Cart Appointments
  • View Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Apply for Graduation
  • View Graduation Status
  • Pay for Admissions Application
  • Add/Update Addresses, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses and Emergency Contacts
  • View/Update Profile Photo
  • Change Password
  • Use Two-Factor Authentication
  • Set a Starting Page
  • Manage Dashboard


Regardless if it’s a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or a desktop, HighPoint provides the same user experience and capabilities to ensure quicker learning of the product and higher student adoption.

A Feature Rich Mobile Application

HighPoint Mobile Campus Solutions offers a breadth and depth of capabilities unlike any other mobile experience. Built to navigate and simplify the deep information contained within PeopleSoft, HighPoint Mobile provides access to a broad number of functions that can only be otherwise accomplished by logging into a PC. And within each function, HighPoint Mobile enables users to easily drill down to get specifics they need on any aspect through an intuitive mobile interface.

Meaningful Connections

Students are most successful when they are connected with their peers and to the resources they need within the institution. HighPoint Mobile Campus Solutions maintains that connection wherever students are, on or off campus, providing immediate access to information they need to interact and move forward. They can easily access important school information from anywhere and keep track of their friends through social media connections built into the product.

Built by PeopleSoft Experts

The HighPoint team has more than 75 combined years of experience with PeopleSoft as users, administrators and technical consultants. Leveraging this experience, HighPoint has created a platform that fills critical gaps left by PeopleSoft by making actionable and meaningful information more accessible to students. The result is a mobile experience second to none derived from years of incorporating best usage practices.

Built for Mobile

Unlike “screen scraper” applications that simply pull PeopleSoft information into a mobile sized interface, HighPoint Mobile was designed from the ground up to provide an effective mobile experience. It’s easier to use and incredibly more intuitive. HighPoint Mobile only includes data points that are necessary to complete the mobile transaction and uses conventions that fit the device size and orientation. And, users have the ability to configure what is important to them and use widgets on their mobile dashboard to provide vital information in a quick and condensed format.

Rich User Interface and Experience

HighPoint has more than 10 years of user interface and user experience improvements incorporated into our software – with an emphasis on bringing the information that students need to the forefront. HighPoint utilizes both the HTML5 app as well as the hybrid app to dramatically facilitate product access.

Easy to Manage and Administrate

HighPoint Mobile includes a menu-driven configuration console that enables institutions to manage nearly all aspects of the applications. The console can be used to easily configure anything from the branding of the application, enabling of features, and integrating with other systems.


HighPoint Mobile PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) is a flexible and feature-rich mobile application that provides a lightweight, fast, and easy way to navigate the HCM applications on any mobile device.

The Oracle Validated Integration (OVI) application can be easily configured and connected to many other third-party providers.

With HighPoint Mobile HCM You Can:

  • Manage Timesheets
  • Web Clock Punch with GPS
  • Manage Absence Requests
  • View Paycheck Details
  • Self Service Direct Deposit
  • Manage Benefit Information
  • W4 Self-Service
  • Manage Personal Information
  • Search for Open Jobs


HighPoint Mobile PeopleSoft Financial Management Solutions (FMS) uses PeopleSoft’s main FMS features and automates important functions for any mobile device.

The application is flexible and can be easily customized and connected to many other third-party providers to allow the user to stay connected to the organization while providing mobile automation services to staff involved in the business of running the institution’s financial environment. This product is also OVI-certified by Oracle.

Features include:

  • Travel and Expense Entry/Status/Approval
  • Requisition Approval
  • Trial Balance


HighPoint Financial Aid Automation is an application that helps financial aid offices move students through the process more efficiently by automatically assigning and waiving checklists, checklist items, messages, user edit messages and service indicators based on specified criteria.

Even as requirements for student aid change year to year, the system is architected to allow users to adjust the software to configure the change without the need for technical assistance. HighPoint FA Automation may help convince institutions to retire many unwieldy customizations, and will significantly reduce student complaints relating to the FA process. Students are able to address about 45% of their checklist items without making a trip to the FA office.

The result is a quantum leap in financial aid processes and priorities that allows:

  • Students to address checklist items without making trips to the FA office and receive speedier awards
  • FA professionals to track awarding and disbursement requirements with little or no IT reliance and transform the Financial Aid office into a competitive advantage for attracting students

Present Financial Aid Packages First

Schools are able to package students’ awards before other schools which allows them to gain a significant advantage in securing new student enrollment.

Mitigate Clerical Work and Focus on Providing Value to Students

By automating tasks that traditionally consume a large portion of the Financial Aid office’s attention, more time can be allocated toward higher value face-time with students for financial aid counseling. It’s no secret that student loan debt is at an all time high. The next generation of students place incredible value on personal interactions with the financial aid office for loan management, debt counseling and other individual needs.

Integrated with HighPoint Message Center for Closed Loop Communications

Institutions can easily integrate FA Automation with HighPoint Message Center to allow staff to send FERPA-compliant messages to students based on specific criteria. HighPoint Financial Aid Automation is a separately licensed application that may run either integrated with HighPoint Message Center or separately installed without HighPoint Mobile Campus.


U.S. Department of Education (ED) regulations have become increasingly more stringent in restricting federal financial aid to courses that apply to the degree a student is working towards.

Institutions are also regulated on the amount of Title IV financial aid they can award for remedial and repeated coursework. Making any sort of error with the ED can lead to costly and time intensive audits which can quickly turn into punitive fines that no institution can afford.

Financial Aid Course Audit

A bolt-on product to PeopleSoft Campus Solutions that helps institutions comply with the U.S. Department of Education’s regulations on Course Applicability, Remedial Coursework, and Repeat Coursework. FA Course Audit allows institutions to identify situations that do not meet eligibility by automatically flagging these classes in PeopleSoft when the student registers for them and notifying administrators and students about courses that will or will not qualify for aid. This was previously a laborious manual process for administrators, requiring hours of crosschecking clerical time. The system also recognizes partial credit scenarios in which a portion of the credits will be covered with financial aid.


Message Center is an enhancement to PeopleSoft that allows two-way communication between students and business offices.

With HighPoint, institutions have successfully connected with their students by effectively providing timely, reliable, secure, and collaborative messaging. Having sent more than 10 million messages, institutions have met the changing needs of their students. Enabling them to send messages with less setup and delivery effort; and knowing the exact status of each message at all times. HighPoint Message Center Suite — standalone or with mobile — is a well-proven solution that transcends the messaging and collaboration needs of all institutions.

Message Center integrates seamlessly with your underlying 3C structure, but removes the complexities around it, while capturing actual views and providing rapid, FERPA-compliant threaded conversations.

Message Center runs within PeopleSoft and does not require any external application to communicate with students. It may run standalone or fully integrated into HighPoint Mobile. Message Center provides certificate of delivery, bidirectional messaging, institution-controlled reply authorization, and threaded messages.

HighPoint’s Message Center solution can be used to:

  • Send mass messages with a query driven process
  • Enable real-time messaging and communications
  • Deliver ad hoc messages
  • Message individual students and engage in a threaded conversation
  • Track acceptance / penetration of all communications
  • Send push notifications to students’ devices (only applicable for institutions licensed for the HighPoint Mobile hybrid app).


HighPoint Schedule Builder allows students to go from planning to enrolled in a matter of minutes.

With Schedule Builder, students no longer have to individually select sections to build their schedule. Schedule Builder uses live PeopleSoft data to provide students with all of the possible class schedules that meet their availability for their selected courses.

Schedule Builder allows students to create their class schedule anytime, anywhere based on:

  • Current Availability of Classes in PeopleSoft Database
  • Location of Classes – the software maps the distance and walking times between classes
  • Student Availability – students can block out days and times they are unavailable — such as their work schedule
  • Friend Schedules – students can find and select classes that their designated friends are registered for


Most students are only presented with a list of required courses they need to take in order to complete their degree.

Realizing that students are struggling with this process, most educational institutions are embracing initiatives to help students complete their degrees within a structured timeframe — often in 2 or 4 years. Institutions are being graded in terms of their ability to get students to complete their degrees within these timeframes such that many states have implemented performance based funding which ties state aid to the institution’s on-time graduation rate — AND — institutions are now often rated on value by their ability to effectively complete degrees within timeframes to mitigate extra costs associated with attaining a degree.

Degree Planner

HighPoint Degree Planner gives students a unique way to visualize and plan their success with a suggested sample plan of courses they should take (semester to semester) to fulfill their degree requirements based on the program of study they are seeking and the courses they have already taken.


HighPoint Roadmap allows staff to define an overall flow for a student, with multiple steps along the way and multiple states during each step.

Configuration is flexible and query-driven allowing institutions to provide a roadmap for any business process flow their offices may have.

HighPoint Roadmap is a separately licensed application that runs fully-integrated into HighPoint Mobile.